Drinks Make Any Rainy Day Bright

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Day 2 of Spring Break is complete, and we’re well into Day 3, but I’m having too much fun to sit and write down every second of the day.

Perfect start to any morning!

Currently, we’re making plans for today’s activities after a skip,jump,and a hop to breakfast. Delicious bacon and eggs on a bagel with a vanilla latte. I could get used to this sort of living…especially when it’s with my best friend πŸ™‚

Yesterday was another late morning. No matter how hard I try to wake up on time, I just can’t do it. Wakened by the sound of knocking on my bedroom door,Β  I was asked to watch the dog while my friend ran out to problem solve an issue for her fiance. Played with Dot, took a long shower, got myself beautiful because it was shopping day.

Playing with the dog keeps me young.

There was an awesome outlet mall about 30 minutes away, so we hit that up. First stop? Saks 5th Avenue.

Saks 5th Avenue...off 5th Avenue. How convenient.

It was a nice drive over where we talked about a handful of things. Serious topics, light-hearted topics, things I’m struggling with as a person (ahem, religion). It was nice to hear her encouragement, however, when I told her I was seriously following the Jedi Code. Its something hat gives me focus,and that’s all that counts.

I have fallen in love with Calvin Klein. I want to wear his brand to the Golden Globes. Seriously…just fabulous. I tried on a $500 dress. That was on 40% discount.

Freaking gorgeous. Even with Lindsay Lohan wearing it.

Holy Mother of…

I’m used to my most expensive dresses being around $200. And that’s because it’s a bridesmaid dress or a prom dress. Yeah…my faux Oscar gown? $39.99…and there are ink dots on the butt you only notice if I point them out to you.

This one looks great, too.

Needless to say, I had a fun time being a hoity-toity lady trying on frock after frock with no intention of buying anything. Oh, how scandalous.

If you don't understand why I love this little guy, watch the movie for yourself.

Next stop was the Disney store! There used to be one in my hometown mall, but it closed when I was still under the age of 15, so the only time I see Disney apparel is when I’m actually in Florida. So, believe me, I was excited. I managed to keep myself to buying only a Muppets water bottle, Tangled button pins, and a stuffed chameleon from Tangled.

We stopped at Coach to look around like high and mighty ladies again. Even with a 50% off discount, they were still $200 purses and bags. Ha, no thanks. But they were pretty to look at.

Yes, the bags are gorgeous. But not for that price tag.

Ralph Lauren was a pretty neat store, too, although I am not a hipster by any mark of the imagination. I was waiting to stumble upon my Star Wars store, but alas. This mall did not play to geeks of all time. So, that’s why I went a little nuts in Disney.

Once a princess, always a princess.

I found the cutest pair of crown-shaped earrings, and they had to be mine. I was a princess a few years back, and once a princess, always a princess. Needless to say, crown objects instantly have a place in my heart.

After our shopping mall adventure, it was time for our nightly walk. We went a good 3 miles,and I got to see parts of the city I normally wouldn’t have if we drove everywhere. Once home, we made a homemade dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. A glass of wine accompanied the meal, of course.

Always made better by a glass of wine.

Lots of girl talk ensued during the meal, which is something I have missed terribly since she has moved. Girl talk hasΒ  never been so good.

After that, we settled onto the couch to make plans for my last full day out here, and watch another marathon of Friends.

Raise the roof!

I also got a few things figured out for when I return home, so I can attend a wedding next weekend with a friend. A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around (and one good reason to wear a great dress and look great!)

Jack Sparrow knows how to party.

We waited for her fiance to get back from his late-night class,and then we walked down the street to this great little ice cream store. Absolutely some of the best ice cream I have had in a long, long time. Even though the ice cream has been frozen for hour, the chocolate chips inside the cream stay soft and chewable. How do they do that? Absolutely creamy and delicious.

The perfect cure for any hot flash at my age. Ha!

Once again, I’m having a hot flash. This seems to be a trend here.

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then get up. This is no time for sloth.”

Perfect words for any vacation, Maureen Lipman, the hardest act to follow in the latest 20th century.

Try and follow her. She dares you.

We’re finishing up another exciting night here, so I’m going to end this one for now. I’ve moved on to drink #5 right now, so I’ll fill you in more manana!

Good night!

My pleasure!

One thought on “Drinks Make Any Rainy Day Bright

    Wes B. said:
    March 13, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Lucky you getting a Spring Break. We had our reading week about three weeks ago. What a time to have have a break. :p

    That drink and spaghetti look so delicious. I’m a sucker for a white hot chocolate with whipped cream!

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