At Least For Tonight…

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The mirror has not been my friend. Not for the last 12 hours, anyways.

The mirror is not my friend as of late. I'll be sure to steer clear.

Whenever a girl looks at herself in the mirror, she should be able to look at herself and say, “Hey, you’re looking good!” I wish I could say that about myself. Today, all I could see are the zits breaking out along my chin, the uneven complexion along my nasalabial folds, my eyebrows starting to look a little fuzzy.

Come on, Mother Nature! Work with me here. I only have 4 days until I step foot on that plane. I cannot be stalled. I need to see my best friend. As Meredith Grey would say on Grey’s Anatomy to Cristina Yang “You’re my person. You’re my family. We need to stick together.”

She's my person. I can count on her for anything.

Monday’s are always horribly long days. So I’m going to give my mind a little break today by keeping this short. I mean, pretty dang short. My fingers have been typing all day long, my mind has been whirring all day long, and now I want to get the taste of pizza out of my mouth. In fact, I should probably get something to drink. I haven’t had nearly enough water all day long.

SO. GOOD. Just what I needed to end this Monday night.

So what am I going to do instead, other than blab on here about how I don’t want to type any longer? Here’s another look into the life of this Modern Jedi, and a few things you may not have picked up as you go from posting to posting.


Every girl dreams of being a princess. This one included.


My Darth Vader candy dispenser just started breathing on its own. No one touched the trigger button. Creepy!


The way Hollywood depicts the Midwestern accent always kills me. In a funny, gut-wrenching way.


My knuckles are white in anticipation for this movie!


Laughter is the one thing I am known for, and I cannot give that up. Ever. Also? This dialogue is something I have to do often.


I could never be a doctor. The only persons' blood I can handle is my own.


Rollo's are my favorite candy in the whole wide world. Caramel and chocolate all in one gooey, delicious blob? Please and thank you.

“What I got kicked out of school for, it’s the same thing I see myself doing on stage now.” 

I wish I could say the same thing as Rickie Lee Jones here, a maverick musician.

If I could make my living on stage, I would. I so would in a heartbeat

That’s a good motto to go to sleep on. Kick it like it’s the thing you’re going to do for the rest of your life. I walk each step of my life as if I’m a movie star. But I’m also a Jedi…so it’s a tight rope that I’m walking.

Just pure wonderful.

But, I must apologize. I seriously can’t think right now. Tomorrow’s updates will be far more entertaining, I promise. Until then, have a lovely evening. We’ll share wisdom and light-hearted stories again in the day time.

Every day is a brand new page. Write your story on it.

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