Mall March Madness

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Spring fever has officially hit.

Kevin Bacon's enthusiasm is rubbing off on me.

What did I do today? I bought yet another pair of work out pants. Another pair! That makes 3 new pairs to my wardrobe in the last 2 months. I’m determined to get into shape for my sister’s wedding. If I get the clothes to make me look good while working out, I’ll be more motivated to work out, right?

I'll look as good as a few months.

That’s what Cosmo tells me anyways. Look great while working out, look great with work out results. I’ve got music loaded onto my mp3 player. I’m ready to go. Yes, I do realize I just said mp3 player. I’m one of the small few still refusing to give in to the iPod. I’m amazed I’ve made it this far without the oldest of technology advancements.

It's the Bible for us stylish, independent women.

Every year, the arrival spring makes me want to do a number of things:

– Rip off the long skirts, dress pants, jeans and leggings to unveil thirsty, pale skin to the warm sunshine (and let them gain their color back!)

Beach time is close.

– Roll around in the fresh, spring grass (when puddles no longer dot the ground.)

Seriously? This puppy's joy is infectious.

– Sit for hours by the lake and let the fresh breezes rustle up my hair

I can taste the lake already just thinking about it.

– Grab a book/magazine and sit outside in a light, long-sleeved shirt while drinking my morning cup of coffee

Put a book in my hand, and this is heaven if there is sunshine on my shoulders.

AND most significantly….

– Empty my wallet in freshening up my wardrobe, apartment, and overall lifestyle to match my resurgence of hope in life. Because that’s what spring does.

Bye-bye $20 bills. I won't be holding onto you very long.

It also brings cute little kittens into the world that I simply can’t get enough of πŸ™‚

The one thing that can melt my heart in a second? A kitten a few months old and just learning how to play.

What are the top things I’ll be looking to add to my life this month? March has entered in like a lion, and I have no doubt it’s going to continue to be a turbulent ride. I enjoy the dips, turns, and twists of any month, but March in especially. As we all know, March Madness is about to start, and I will proudly be wearing my Dianogas Jersey around the Academy, around my apartment, and generally out in public. What can I say? I support my favorite teams! Even if they were aboard the Death Star. (Honestly, I wanted the jersey to Chewbacca’s team, but the only size available was the XXL, and I already drown in the Small….so an XXL was out of the question.)

The best March Madness accessory for any Jedi.

Another reason why shopping is on my mind? I’ll be traveling via airplane in less than 6 days. I am more than pumped. I’m ecstatic. I love air travel, I love airports, I love spending time in airports, I love the coffee shops and magazine stands in airports, I love checking in my bags, I love having a carry-on. I love everything about the entire experience of traveling by plane. I don’t do it often. I’ve been on a place probably seven times in my life. Each time I remember for different reasons,and each experience had its own energy and awesomeness attached.

My first foray into L.A.

My only experience with Los Angeles at this point in my life has been with LAX. I had an especially wonderful time in that airport that I’m still remembering 8 years later. So, what can I say? I love air travel. Maybe even the air travel sick bags. Empty is preferable.

The best part of the whole thing? My best friend is waiting for me at the other end. I miss her very much. We used to have Friday night dinner dates where we cooked together when she was still attending the Academy, too, and then when I got off work on Saturdays, it would be girls’ night with movies and drinks. We were pretty laid back, but we could get down and have a fabulous time when we wanted. it’ll be good to see her. I can’t wait.

One of the last times we were together. Don't we look gorgeous?

So what sort of things am I looking forward to shopping for this marvelous month of March? Consider this your weekly dose of Scandalous Sundays (ooooh, I really like the sound of that. I think I may keep that name for our weekly event here at Modern Jedi.)

Let me share them with you here:

1.) Cameras and Camcorders

It would make anyone look like a professional.

2.) China and Flatware

Preferably, my wedding china

3.) Spring Clothing

Classy, yet flowing. I could run barefoot in the sand wearing this.

4.) Air Conditioners

I really like how it doesn't stand out, making the whole room awkward.

5.) Washer and Dryers

Modern looking, and cool colors. I'd want these in the basement of my home to wash my garments.

6.) Garden Supplies

I'm ready to get my hands dirty in all sorts of ways.

7.) Outdoor Winter Sports Gear

The best winter jacket I've seen in a long time. Non-traditional. Another reason to love it.

8.) Luggage

Is this the luggage I should be traveling with in the upcoming week?

The other thing I’m thinking about this month? The equinox.

I know that sounds very voo-doo-ish, but Spring is a magical time of year. Not only because it’s the month of the leprechaun, but because the forces of the world just come together in a certain way. You can feel it in the air. I can. Can you? Just pay attention to what happens inside of you the next time you hear an actual bird sing…not a crow, a seagull, a hawk, or anything like that. But an actual song bird. Pay attention. Something will stir inside of you. I promise.

They're acting up more and more. It's springtime, people!

One of my favorite moments of the weekend? Since I’ve turned into a Grey’s Anatomy junkie in the last couple of weeks, this moment has risen to the top of the charts. Thank you, Dr. Bailey for making my weekend complete!

Enjoy the weekend. What’s left of it, anyways. Make it good.


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