A Blessing in White Disguise

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Happy Leap Year to each and every Jedi, friend, acquaintance, meet-and-greeter, or mere passerby’s.

An extra day? An all to myself? Don't mind if I do.

It’s been quite the day already.

We had a rather big snowstorm this day. I was up until 3 am last night, waiting for the first flakes to fall, and the ground was still brown when I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. I wake up six hours later, and not only is it in a blanket of white outside, but the winds are up to 50 mph.

No joke. I could feel my building shaking.

I was scheduled to work today, but when I ventured out to my car to dig it out and take it for a small test spin, the wind rocked by car back and forth as if it were on water and weighed 5 pounds. I couldn’t get it out of the parking lot. I managed to pull it back into its parking space and out of the cock-eyed position I managed to put it into in my attempt to get it out of its original resting place. It was not a good situation. As far as my eyes could see, the roads around my place weren’t plowed either.

This will consist of my morning exercise.

So, really, how was I expected to get myself to the bottom of the hill to work?  I don’t drive a truck, and it would have been even more difficult to get back up the hill, where I live.

Yes, I care for each and every member, but they have to realize their lives is not my entire life.

I felt bad for calling in, but at the same time, I can’t help the circumstances. I understand we work for a private club and the members needs are meant to be our priority when we’re clocked in, but you’re telling me these members would rather see us stuck in that old, creepy building for the benefit of hearing a real human voice answer the phone instead of letting that employee be at home, where it is safest for them to be? Are you kidding me? We live in the age of technology…there has to be a way in which we can transfer incoming phone calls intended to the club’s phone and reconnect it to one of our cell phones.

Considering the club was officially closed, there was no reason to be there. If a member can’t understand the circumstances of the weather on how the employees act, then they need to have their heads examined. I wasn’t about to risk my car, my personal safety, and the recklessness of other drivers on the road all for the sole reason of members want to hear a real human voice instead of an automated one. Sorry, but your rich attitude is not worth my life. You can hold your appointments for one whole day.

Everyone deserves an unexpected day off, right?

I prefer this as an unexpected gift most days.

It doesn’t help that the city basically shut down on top of everything. City Hall closed, the DTA pulled buses off the road, courthouses were closed. And yet…this club is “closed” but really remained open. Bullshit. Whatever. Thank heavens its only a part-time gig. At the same time, it’s my better paying part-time gig…so I have to watch myself.

If they fire me over a snowstorm, they can go cry themselves to sleep. Other than the guy who was already there, I’m sure everybody else was safely tucked away inside their own homes. So stupid….he/they (whoever he found to come in for me) should have been allowed to stay home, too.

The only thing lacking from my day all to myself --- bottle of wine.

Anyways, this snow day has allowed me to make a dent in my long, overdue list of movie to watch. Granted, I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours, but I finished season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy and now I’m on movie #2…hot chocolate in my star wars mug next to me, snapped a few pictures of the snow banks, and now I’m writing. I have a lot of other things I could have been doing, but it’s so nice to have a day to just…lounge, you know? Especially when I’m used to Thursday nights being my only night off.

Except I don't look nearly this sexy.

I look like such a slob. Still in my pajama pants, greasy hair up in a ponytail (a very loose and hazardous ponytail at that). I have gone braless all day! Maybe that’s too much information, but I am not one to go without wearing my upper undergarments. Too much flopping around otherwise, unless I’m asleep. Last night’s make-up is still streaking my face. I’m telling you…just one big ol’ mess.

“I don’t have false teeth. Do you think I’d buy teeth like these?”

Funny words of the enduring entertainer, Carol Burnett.

The original funny lady.

I posted one of her videos in an earlier blog posting, in a Fabulous Friday posting, about my favorite laugh of the week. It was her Gone with the Wind skit when she comes walking out wearing not only the drapes from the wall, but also the curtain rod still affixed to them. Just Hilarious!

How do you not find this hilarious? Watch the video. Your night will be made.

When it snows like this, it makes me want to travel and live in an area that would never see snow in its lifetime. I chalk it up to coincidence that I came across this particular quote while reading an old issue of Vogue this afternoon while pigging out on my favorite snack, chips and cheese dip.

“Our escapes this year aren’t just in the realm of imagination. (We’re not talking fantasy islands, castles in the sky, or storybook Shangri-La you can visit — or afford — only in your dreams.) This month, we’re seeking thrills and finding chic closer to home. It started back in February, when everyone noticed recognizably regional American looks — from scuba-surfer to hike-climber to rodeo babe — filing past, like pageant girls in the Parade of States, on all the best runways. This is a reality based wardrobe, with ideas you can borrow for both home and away. Grab a last-minute ticket to ride, and zip off for a weekend a deux, from rainy-romantic Seattle to sexy Old San Juan.” 

I’d go anywhere at the moment. I’m an active girl. I’m starting to feel a little cooped up, even though I’ve been asking the heavens for a day all to myself for several weeks now. Here, I’ve finally got it. Did I use it to its full potential? Not a chance. That would be the simple answer to my day. Plus, I have a little homework to accomplish still.

Damn, this hot chocolate is good. A bubble bath also sounds like a healthy indulgence right now. The Force works in mysterious ways. It worked to bring this snow storm to my, and everyone else’s, door steps. I should use some of it to my advantage.

Mine has Star Wars marshmallows in it. Does yours?

Stay safe out there. You never know when a patch of road could be slick with ice. It’s called Black Ice for a reason, after all.

Only you can protect yourself from the deadly weather elements. Or something like that.

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