I’d Rather Have a Room Full of Gundarks

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Is it strange for me to say I fear a room filled with estrogen than a room filled with testosterone?

Even Angelina Joilie's spies had to size up the room of testosterone before them before entering.

Don’t get me wrong. The girlfriends I have, I love them to death. There is nothing like having a group of girls always behind you, supporting you, and watching your back.

But girls….women….females! can be bitchy, catty, backstab you in the blink of an eye, and hold a grudge for eons and eons. Nope, I can not discussing one of the negative characteristics of a Cancer. I’m talking about the dirty, dirty details of being a woman filled with too many levels of estrogen.

I’ve always like the notion of men getting pissed off at each other, punching each other’s lights out, and then hugging it out like it’s no big deal. Move on. Vent your anger on the person’s face, and all is well in the world again. I wish girls could do that. Instead, we have to pull each other’s hair, call each other slut and whore, slap one another, piss and moan about how angry the offender makes us for days at a constant pace, finally bitch each other out again, hug and make up…but not really. Then, we make nice to each other’s face when in each other’s company, then gossip behind their backs the instant they leave the room.

Most epic bar fight? I think so.

As much as I hate a majority of men at the moment (sorry! I can’t lie about the way I’m feeling!), I honestly have to say I hate women just as much. We’re just so….catty. Say what you need to say, bitch it out, and move on.

Honesty is the best policy, and I truly believe that.

“Just once in my life a man tried to embrace me. It was horrible! He had big boots, a heavy belt, huge gloves. Faugh! Oh, let’s not talk about men.”

With that description, I would hate the advancements of all men, too! Thank you, lady poet of the 19th century, Renee Vivien.

No wonder the men wanted to hug her.

I was asked out on a date the other night. Not too formally, but when we were alone one-on-one, he brought the subject up again. I was actually sort of mean about it. He mentioned that he and i should hang out sometimes, and I laughed because I was calling him out on trying to look macho in front of our friends. Don’t put wine in my glass accompanied by a plate a fruit, and not expect me to say things a little rashly.

Don't anger the kitty!

But later on, when it was just me and him standing by our table, he brought the subject up again. Now, I can’t say I’m overly attracted to the guy. We can have decent conversations, and he does manage to make me laugh here and there. I’d give him a shot. He is genuinely a nice fellow, and I wouldn’t shoot him down like that solely based on not being physically attracted to him. It’s about personality, folks. But being asked out on a date? It’s a nice feeling. Especially when the guy isn’t trying to fondle you or get you into bed two seconds later. Or asking you out as you lay in bed together.  Can’t say I’ve experienced that one, but the reality of the situation is there.

Nothing worse than morning breath from your bed partner.

Yeah, I know. Now you’re trying to figure out who I slept with before going on a real date with him. My lips are sealed. Sorry!

We’re tentatively making plans. We both work a lot, and I have a school schedule on top of my work schedules, so it doesn’t leave a lot of free time. I’m sure if he really likes me, we’ll figure something out. I’m going to try to make an effort to go out with him at least once. I’ll give this guy an anonymous name once the date actually happens.

As you know, it is Friday, my friends! Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday in Lent. Did you eat meat today? I honestly don’t know how I feel about the whole Lent thing this time around. I hate to say it, because my mother was a devout Christian and impressed the Church upon us in a positive light as we grew up, but I’m not sure how I feel about all of it this year. I just…I don’t know. My devotion to faith is failing, but this is why I’m pursuing the teachings of the Jedi. It may not be God directly, but the Force has the elements of the Holy Spirit, so while i know my connection with God is off and on, my connection with the Force is ever-growing.

Doesn't this just simply look delicious right now?

That’s a discussion we can have at a later date, when it isn’t Fabulous Friday!  Here’s what this Modern Jedi is finding Fabulous this time around:

1.) Favorite DIY

Aren't these just charming? And you can make them in any color. They'll fancy up any room.

2.) Favorite Laugh

You need to watch until 3:19 and a little further. Seriously, I laughed so hard! Just goes to show, women are most definitely funny, too!

3.) Favorite Secret

I discovered an old flame that has reentered my life in the latest of weeks always thinks of me when he hears this song on the radio or on his Ipod.

4.) Favorite Spoof

I want...I NEED to own these before the movies come out. Can they please be real? OPI made colors for the Muppets, why not the Hunger Games?

5.)  Favorite Pre-Spring Look

Just bought this dress to fend off my early feelings of spring fever. Can't wait to wear it by the lake.

6.) Favorite Smile

Seriously...how does he not melt your heart? His body doesn't hurt, either.

Keep the Force in your hearts this weekend. Make silly mistakes, but not ones that will forever change your life. Unless they’re good changes, of course 🙂

May the Force be with you. Always.


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