Yoda For President

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Obnoxious commercials.

If campaign ads were like this, I wouldn't mind the next 6 months so much.

That is all I see and hear when it comes to election season. Guess what? We’re entering it again. Our four years are up, and we are due for another election. Are you ready for the political bombardments?

I keep thinking about the last election. I was a sophomore at the Academy, and I cast my first vote by sitting on the floor in what is considered the Ballroom. A pretty monumental first experience as a registered voter, indeed.

I think the thing that made me saddest? The one solid female candidate we had fallen out of the race. I really liked Hilary Clinton. I still really like Hilary Clinton. No offense to Obama, but she had a point of view to the presidency that he didn’t have going into the election. She served this country as First Lady. She knew the ins and outs of that White House better than any other candidate, other than a current President running for reelection. She survived the scandal, a potential war, a booming economy, and countless other problems dotting our country at the time. She knew what happened behind those gilded doors. Plus, she’s a woman! Far more sensitive to serious issues than any male candidate could ever be.

This lady is tough as nails. She represented New York, after all.

We have this thing called sensitivity. Trust me, it helps in touchy situations of all kinds.

More and more candidates are popping up across the political scene. Even an old school TV show host and sitcom star has entered the race for the Green Party. I mean, what is going on? Not everyone can be president.

If I could choose any celebrity to serve as president (for real) it would most definitely be Harrison Ford. Did you seen him in Air Force One? Totally convincing the role, and he has the good looks of a presidential candidate. Hey, it helped JFK defeat Nixon. Know your history, folks.

He will not negotiate!

When it comes to this year’s election, there is not a single candidate I’m finding myself gravitating towards. Not a single one. Not even Obama himself. I feel so ‘eh’ about him. I’m probably going to vote for Yoda. Even Kermit the Frog would do better as President than some of these yahoos currently leading the polls. By no means am I a political guru. HA! I barely keep up with the local news, let alone what’s going on with my personal life.

I know what the term ‘pork and barrel’ means. Thank you, American Politics 101 sophomore year.

$79 I'll never get back for a general education course I basically didn't pay attention in. Oh, youth...

I honestly think the dream team would have been Hilary as vice president, and Obama as Commander-in-Chief. So many people liked her, and she knows what she’s doing in that office! However, she was appointed Head of State. At least he got her on the team. He would have been incredibly stupid to throw her to the ditch.

The best senator on record? You may have guessed it. Senator Amidala. This woman knew what she was fighting for, and she always kept the people’s interests at heart. Very few people in this galaxy do that, let alone this country. Eck…we’re heading to hell on a fast train. Gas will most likely go over $4 a gallon by summer, we’re no closer to solving this health care problem than we were 4 years ago, we’re leaving Iraq but entering Afghanistan, and our economy still sucks. AND China still has a majority of our jobs. AND farmers are still getting treated like crap when we fee this country.

Humanitarian, and fashionable to boot.

What. The. Hell.

On a different note, it is amazing what a change in shampoo can do for one’s hair. I hated my hair for the longest time. It was too dry, it was doing this curling thing all on its own, and it looked flat.

It's the little things that need changing.

Now? I went back to my tried and true formula of Aussie moisturizing solution, and my hair is back in top form. My skin has decided to cooperate again, and my make-up doesn’t melt off my face like it used to do. I might be coming full circle into my beautiful self once again!

Ah….I’ll try not to get my hopes up 😉

I’m craving something crunchy right now. Do you ever get those cravings for a texture rather than an actual food? My go-to is always something crunchy. Hence why I always have a stock pile of chips in my cupboard. My favorite? Dutch Crunch jalapeno flavor. So. good. So addicting. And so fattening. Maybe that’s why I gained 15 pounds when I was a freshman.

Sadly, all I have starting me in the face is a bag of plain tortilla chips. I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. I’ve been boycotting it for a little bit. I really shouldn’t. Spending nearly $10 on food every day on campus isn’t exactly ideal when you’re barely getting paid above minimum wage at any of my part-time gigs.

You have no idea how good that guacamole looks right now.

What has five years of Academy learning taught me? Procrastination always wins out. I should be fixing up a press release right now for my internship where my boss works 3 hours away from me, and we basically communicate via email. Probably not such an unlikely things these days with technology and all, but it is sooooo annoying. I need face to face confrontation. There also wouldn’t be so many miscommunications along the way.

Can I admit something kind of embarrassing? I totally bawled my eyes out watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night. Just bawled. Why? I haven’t felt any pangs of loneliness in a week or so now. Talk about progress. But, then, here I am, bawling my eyes out when they put Doc the dog to sleep, putting him out of his misery from bone cancer. Then, it’s Denny dying from a simple blood clot. Then, it’s Meredith sleeping with the guy who she really loves despite all the bad joo-joo.

Like millions of viewers years ago, I bawled my eyes out at this particular moment. Jeesh...

Something is missing, and I know exactly what it is. Too bad it’s outside of my control.

“I don’t even want to be remembered as the first woman to happened to be black to make a bid for the presidency. I want to be remembered as a woman who fought for change in the twentieth century.”

She broke so many boundaries. I wonder if she realized it.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since I can remember. Make a change, just like would-be candidate in 1972, Shirley Chisholm.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be remembered 100 years from now as a woman who stood up for change. Another reason to seriously pursue this whole Jedi lifestyle. Now, that’s a thought. First female president AND a Jedi, too.

In a heartbeat, Master. In a heartbeat.

Not a shabby combination.

One day, this country will boast a female president. When it does, I hope I’m alive to see it and stand in that crowd before the stage when they swear her into office.

Why this show was cancelled, I'll never understand.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the first female president. Naw….I would prefer First Lady. There’s a lot of power and influence in being the First Lady.

Besides, we all know it’s the woman behind the man that makes him great.

For as much as I may not like him politically, this is pretty dang awesome. Lightsaber dueling on the lawn of the White House. Classic.

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