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Coming to you live…from New York City!!!

The city that never sleeps...where I probably should be.

Ah haha! Yeah, that’s a good one. If I were writing to you from New York City, I would be posting way more pictures about the actual city. There would be way better crowd watching there than where I currently reside.

And, no. I’m not going to tell you my location. If anything, imagine I’m on the planet of Endor. Surrounded by trees and little furry bear look-alikes. Does it actually resemble my current surroundings? You’ll never know. So deal with it.

I could easily live in the trees. I'd be like an Elf. A cool elf, not a Keebler.

Again, I could write 2,000 words about how much men annoy me, how some particular men keep pissing me off, and how some are just plain clueless and brain-dead. But…I’m going to refuse to take on that temptation, and leave it at what I just said.

Who knows how seriously a man could take these straightforward words?

Yup, shutting up.

Besides, who wants to keep hearing me blather on about how 99% of the time men are just so clueless? Why don’t they just admit to us they are simply madly in love with us, and don’t know how to handle it? Yeah…what a pleasant thought πŸ™‚

“Gentlemen don’t love love. They just like to kick it around.”Β 

Wise words of the vaudeville virtuoso, Sophia Taylor.

Kick higher! Higher, I say!

Perfect example? New Guy texting me consistently around 1:00/2:00 am in the morning during the entire last week and this last weekend. If that doesn’t make me feel like a cross-state booty call, I don’t know what will. Good Lord, are men really that brainless? Sometimes, I have to wonder.

Seriously, on top of kicking around the love we bestow on them, they really put us through the wringer when they put that ring on our finger. I’m not even the engaged one. I’m the Maid of Honor, a significant role, no doubt, but I go through a lot of rigmarole to please one person. Granted, she’s my sister, but you try on 40 different bridesmaid dresses on an empty stomach and tell me how you feel afterwards? Add to that, the floors are hard and have no give.

Pretty sure I tried on a dress identical to these. Pretty damn sure.

My legs still hurt from yesterday’s trial and error fittings.

Seeing as its later in the evening, and I have to be at the Academy bright and early tomorrow morning, it’s about time we dive into Seven Sillies for a Sunday. Yet again, as I stare at the title I’ve given this fun group of photos, I’m shaking my head. I am the worst at titling things. I’m a writer, yes, but when it comes to coming up with a title for a screenplay, a novel, a short story, a news article…anything, really…I can’t name it a worthwhile name to save my life.

On a side note, my apartment is broiling. I’ve already stripped off my shirt and rolled up my pj pant legs. In the middle of February, I’m supposed to be freezing my behind off. Instead, I’m sweating it off. Could be worse, I suppose.

How do you know I'm not typing this to you in my underwear?

Alright, let’s get on with the Significant Seven? Is that a better name for it? Significant Sevens for a Sunday? The name is coming along. See, proof that if you work at something, the better you get at it.


I'm almost done with Season 2, and I'm hooked. We'll see what happens when I get to Season 3.


So many signs have pointed me towards Paris today. I will live there temporarily at some point in my life.


Even though I grew up on a dairy farm, I'm a big fan of horses. It's every girls' dream to have her own horse. I'm not exception.


Oh, yes. Star Wars Yoga exists!


Have you heard the soundtrack to this? AH-mazing.


This simple love story told in a matter of 12 minutes? Gives me such heartache, it's unbelievable.


Talk about my wedding workout inspiration. I have the plan in motion. Only time will tell!

Straight ahead to finish up the weekend, my fellow Jedi. There’s little time, and make sure you are seizing every moment of this time. As for me? It’s time I sit back for a few minutes for the first time today, and finish my pizza I cooked 3 hours ago.

May the Force be with you.


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