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There’s a reason I’m a Jedi. Well, there are lots, but we’re not getting into all of that.

Look up into the beautiful sky and wonder.

Not only do I feel a deep connection to everything around me, but I’ve always been attracted to the stars above. Like, have you ever tilted your head back on a clear summer or winter’s night and just gazed at those sparkling dots? Always hanging precariously above our heads? Some of them are burnt out…have been for millions of years, but we don’t know that. Have you ever gazed at them, wondered how many people are doing the same exact thing you’re doing, and then felt so incredibly small?

It’s an amazing feeling.

I’m not trying to make anyone feel insignificant tonight, but it’s an overwhelming feeling, realizing you’re only one small speck in large expansive universe filled with billions of humans, millions of animals and insects, and possibly other living, intelligent life forms out there. Can you say WOW?

You're not alone. You're really not.

I’m attracted to the stars for another reason entirely. Because they can predict our future. With the help of the Force, that is 🙂

I’ve been reading this book recently. It’s called ‘The Book of the Zodiac’ by the Diagram Book (Seriously, no individual author was mentioned. Whatever.) My astrological sign is a Cancer. Yes, I’m a crab. Make all the jokes you want to now. Trust me…each and every one of them you’re making is not original, not funny, and just plain stupid. You’re making the joke because you’re ignorant and close-minded in the first place. Yeah, I feel sorry for you if you’re a fire sign. Cancer is a water sign…meaning we don’t necessarily get along!

Anyways, I’ve been reading up on what makes a Cancer a Cancer (other than where your birthday falls.) All the characteristics its described so far….there’s no denying I’m a Cancer.

100% the sign of the Crab

A Cancer’s positive characteristics: tenacious, intuitive, kind, compassionate, domesticated, good memory, helpful, caring, sensitive to need, protective (these are all words usually used to describe me on a regular basis.)

A Cancer’s negative characteristics: possessive, too easily hurt, moody, crabby, matriarchal, holds on to insults, selfish, unconsciously manipulative, introspective, overpowering (all things I catch myself trying to work on personally ALL THE TIME.)

There are many, many other instances within this book when I’ve gone “Ah-ha! This is amazing! This astrology stuff has got me nailed down to a T!’ But if I wrote everything down, I’d be basically writing the book down for verbatim, and that’s illegal in most states here in the good ol’ US of A. It’s just super freaking how accurate some of this stuff is….makes me wonder about the signs of my friends, ex-boyfriends, and potential lovers. Do we mesh according to the stars? Now, I’m not saying I’m going to turn into a diehard astrological, horoscope reading nut, but sometimes, these things do ring true.

The day I got the call from the doctor telling me they found the large amounts of abnormal, precancerous cells? I had read my weekly horoscope a few days prior to that phone call. The horoscope said I would receive news I best pay attention to on that exact date, and emotional turmoil was headed my way. Few days later, I got the phone call…and emotional turmoil ensued. Who would have thought it up? It was written in the stars.

“I’ve suffered two grave accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar knocked me down. The other accident is Diego.”

Her art may have spoken to her a little more if she had only listened harder.

Those are the words of partner and painter Frida Kahlo. Maybe she should have checked her horoscope more often. Or not married a total playboy. Either option would have served her well.

If only things like fortune tellers and forseers really existed. I remember reading something about mental spies who were hired by the US government during the Cold War. They claimed to have the ability to silence their minds, and “see” the enemies compound room, or headquarters, or wherever crucial information was being held. They would locate it with their minds, and be able to steal enemy secrets that way. How bizarre! Ever seen the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats?That sort of stuff.

The title makes it sound terrible, but trust me...it's hilarious and incredibly insightful!

My favorite line of the whole movie? The Jedi are needed now more than ever.


Anyways, I just got the most bizarre phone call from a coworker. Stoned or wasted or both, just wandering the streets of this city because the cops came to the house and told he/she to leave. No clue as to their whereabouts. They call me while I’m working just freaking out. Do they need help? No, I got it. Do you know where you are? Not a clue. Can you figure out a location so I can send a taxi or something for you? Nope, I’m just walking. What do you need me to do? Nothing, I’m just so irritated! What do you want me to do? Nothing, nothing at all. I don’t even know where I am. Do you need me to send a taxi or something or you?…

Give me your hand, and let me help you.

And on and on and on. How can I help you if you can’t give me anything? I was the one called because I have a level head and can think things through. Can’t really do that when you’re ripping into me about how you got into this predicament, but I’m still here to help. You have to let me help you.

So, if I don’t hear from them in the next hour, I’m going to be very worried. Very worried indeed. Thank the heavens it’s not terribly cold out.

However, now it is time for my Fabulous Fridays, inspiration courtesy of Lauren Conrad   (of all people.) I don’t know if I’ll keep the Fabulous Friday name, but I put a little thought into this and thought, what do people want to do on the weekends? Especially if attending their own Academy or spend a majority of their time staring at a computer screen reading thousands of lines of finely typed Helvetica? So, along with Fabulous Fridays, there’s also going to be Seven Sillies on a Sunday where you’ll learn something new about me every week. How does that sound?

Without further adieu, let’s get Fabulous on this Friday:

Favorite Quote:

Dr. Suess...you knew a thing or two.

Favorite Laugh:

Seriously, I busted my gut when I first saw this.

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie:

The title doesn't lie. Chocolate and caramel in cookie form = delightful

Favorite Photograph:

Keira Knightley is the epitome of English gorgeous. How can you not love a photo like this?

Favorite Video:

Cello Wars! You’ll be grooving to this video, even if you’re not a diehard Star Wars fan. Trust me.

Have a safe and merry weekend, my fellow Jedi. I want to leave you with this bit of insight. The quotes I put up every day of these wild and crazy and society disrupting women are Jedi wisdom in themselves. Could all these women I’ve quoted so far, and the women I’m bound to quote, be considered Jedi in this modern age, or in the ages of their own? I’ll leave that up to your discretion. But, the living Force is all around us. Any Jedi master would tell us that. We must learn from everything and everyone around us. There is truth to their words. But it’s up to us to decipher what it all means, just like life. Just like our horoscopes.

We have to decipher the codes, the clues, and the meanings. No one said it would be easy.

The Force is constantly talking to us. Some call it a gut feeling. Others call it instinct.

I believe it to be something far bigger than myself cueing me in to some secret they know before I do. But, you have to believe what you need to believe.

It's all around us. All we have to do is Listen.

For me, I have the Force. For now, that’s enough to handle.

Because you can never have enough reasons to smile on a Friday. You go, Betty White.

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