The Novocaine is Wearing Off

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It looks like I’m going to be okay.

Despite the tiny needle, it doesn't make it any less painful.

But, the waiting game is not yet over.

I had my surgical procedure today. Interesting fact for the day. They can use Novocaine to numb not only your gums, but it can also numb your lady parts below the belt. How about that? However, being jabbed by a needle down there? Not so pleasant.

Things went smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed that my doctors managed to get all the abnormal precancerous cells out of my body, and into a sample tube for further testing. In a week, I’m hoping to hear I have the all clear, they removed everything, and I’ll be on with my life without this cloud of cancer-fear constantly flying over my head.

Not allowed for a week. Sadness has ensued.

I’m basically on bed rest for a whole week. But I am allowed to walk. Good thing, because I’d get bored just lying on a couch for a week. How would I get to the Academy? I will not let myself get a week behind at this point in my academic career. I’m on orders to take a break from tennis, my dancing, and any other physical activity. This includes vacuuming.

Yes, the doctor actually said no vacuuming.

My mom came up to take care of me, and it’s been really nice. Lounging, grabbing a bite to eat. We went out and caught the early showing of Β The Vow. On the romantic movie scale, it’s nowhere near the caliber of The Notebook or Titanic. Those will always top my list for years to come. The fact Titanic is coming out in April in 3-D? I’m so excited to see it on the big screen again. There’s nothing like it.

It's no Notebook, but it has its moments of tear inducements.

The Vow had its moment of jerking a tear or two out of my eyes. There were genuinely heartbreaking moment. If you really think about it, the whole movie’s plot is a sucky situation in reality. Your wife loses her memory, and had no recollection of you or the 5 years you’ve been married. Instead, she remembers a time in her life where she is no longer the person you came to know and love with all your heart. What would you do? It’s kind of freaky, but at the same time, knowing there is true love like that out there (this movie is based on real events), it gives me hope in a month I thought would kill my heart and everything attached to it.

“Is love a curse or a blessing? Like death, it is a doorway we go through blindfolded, whether we will or not; the bandage falls from our eyes, and we find ourselves in heaven or hell.”

After watching this particular movie, the words of 19th century novelist Lucy Clifford strike me right where it hurts.

I guess colored photography wasn't invented yet.

The heart.

It’s almost as if this quote was meant to sum up The Vow. Channing Tatum’s character really went through his own personal hell. I hope when I find that someone for me, I never have to go through something as emotionally taxing as that. Not having the one I swore to spend my life with not recognize me. At all.

He's still not a good actor. He's getting better, but he's no Johnny Depp or Leo Dicaprio.

However, I need to find my soul mate. Well, I can’t even say that. I may have already met him, but it’s just not the time for us to be together.

Romantic films always give me hope, but they also make me hate my life that much more. Grrrr….

I hope this is what I crave when I'm pregnant.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty lazy day. When you have chunks of flesh cut from your body, I bet that tends to happen. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right after the whole thing was said and done. I was told this feeling of rapid heart beating and leg tingling is normal of this form of procedure, but when I was near the point of not being able to eat my taco salad afterwards, I got a little nervous.

It’s going to be a short entry tonight. Like when you get a tooth pulled and the Novocaine wears off, you just feel tired, cranky, and out of it. The instant I got off that surgical table, I felt like crawling into bed.

Doesn't this just make you want to curl up into a ball and cuddle?

I think I’ve earned that right. As soon as I finish off this left over box of chocolates from V-Day πŸ™‚

Every female waistline's worst enemy...but still, my best friend.

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