Mark of a Jedi

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Happy 1st of February everyone! We are officially in the 2nd month of this year.

The month of love..or loneliness awareness.

Let me tell you, if the last month was any indication of what I can look forward to this year, I’m going to never sleep. My nerves will constantly be on edge. My emotions will always be on a roller coaster…no happy medium. It’ll be up and down all the time. One event after the other. Non-stop and lots of surprises along the way, good and bad.

At least I can say my life won’t be boring in 2012!

I do have lots of things to look forward to this coming year…in the 10 months that remain. A wedding, the birth of my newest godson/god-daughter, planning a bridal shower, my dance performance, graduating from the Academy, hopefully finding a real world job with relative ease, standing at the head of the church as the Maid of Honor, exploring the realms of what appears to be a promising relationship (but at the same time, I’m already have bubbles of doubt in my stomach. Ugh, never fails, does it?). My golden birthday!

Only the best on my once in a lifetime golden birthday

Yes, indeed, there are lots to look forward to.

“My God, I’m outliving my henna!”

Aw, thank you, Lucille Ball of Lucy fame. She said this in her 80s.

Truly a classy and funny lady

Sometimes, I look back on the weeks of things that have happened, and I feel aged. I’m still in my twenties myself. But, there are experiences I’ve had in the last couple months that has aged me. In a sense, anyways. The whole deal with what does my white blood cell count mean? Does it mean cancer…does it not? Is it a blip? Minus the time I had to take a pregnancy test at the doctor in order to proceed with the steps they needed to take with me, that week of not knowing what was up with my body was just as bad, if not worse, than waiting those 10 minutes to hear that my preggers test came back negative. I was 99% sure it would turn up nothing, but when you’ve actually taken it, and start to think over the happenings of last month…things get hazy and the heart starts pumping.

What a hunk of an Australian man....mmmm-mmmm

Oh, if only the participating other halves knew what was going on. I know that makes me sound like a total floozy, like I’ve slept with dozens of men, but it’s just not so. We all have our lovers….real, and imaginary. I’m hoping Hugh Jackman appears in my dreams tonight. I’ll simply ravish him over and over again.

It’s amazing the things you find out at work. Just….amazing. Found out many of us are being bad-mouthed. I’m not okay with it, but I won’t say more on the matter.

Also found out I was lied to by a certain individual. I’m not going to mention any names or even hint at a nickname. I’m going to use the pronoun ‘he’ because it seems to be the fallback pronoun whenever someone speaks about an individual they do/may not know the actual gender of. So, it’s my fallback. ‘He’ know who ‘he’ is, and I’m sure there are a handful of things ‘he’ knows ‘he’ has lied about. It’s on ‘him’ now.

I really should be climbing under my bed sheets right now. I have a very long day tomorrow, and if I wake up feeling the way I did this morning, it’s going to be a very rough day. My first rehearsal for the Star Wars revival, meeting with the lacrosse team, going out on a mini photo shoot, a quiz in a class, and another class on top of that…when am I going to have time to eat?

Ending pose of the original epic.

I think that’s what ages me the most. When I don’t eat or consume coffee at a regular pace. I must be doing something correct, however. My fingernails are growing at a constantly annoying rate, and I’m noticing I’m chewing on them more and more. That was a habit I had to break when I was seven years old. I am not going to resort to it again! So help me the Force.

Self-explanatory. Amazing

On a side note, I’m very excited about a package I received in the mail today. I am now the proud owner of the Star Wars mad libs from all six films. Maybe I’ll have to do one on here, so you can fully appreciate its awesomeness. It’s laced with it own snatches of Jedi wisdom throughout, I’m sure πŸ™‚

Speaking of henna, I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo. Go figure…when I finally allow myself to sit down in the tattoo artists’ chair, I’m going to get a tattoo of the Jedi symbol, also a sign for the Rebellion. It wouldn’t be anywhere visible, unless you coach me out of my clothes and are able to look at me and appreciate me in my nakedness. Only a handful of people have had that pleasure. To them, I say you’re welcome.

It wouldn't be neon green. I'd go classic.

Everyone always asks if the Jedi symbol is something I want to see on my person 40 years from now. Forty years from now is a very long time…but I know m answer is going to be yes. Once that sucker is punched into my skin, it’s never coming off. And when you believe in something as great as the Force, and have thought about a permanent marking on your own skin…it’s definetly something I want to see on my person every day. It would be a reminder that the Dark Side is out there, and I’m on the side that’s good.

Every Jedi has their marking.

The fight would never leave my blood. A lot of other reasons, too, but you’ll think I’m crazier than you already do with this ancient religion nonsense πŸ˜‰

As Han Solo would say...

A remarkably warm day and evening. I wore a dress to work with no leggings of any sort. I went bare-legged, and it’s freaking February. What the heck is happening to our climate? There should be 10 feet of snow, along with being temperatures under zero degrees. That’s in Farenheit, folks.

Not the exact outfit I wore...but close enough.

Anyways, this Jedi needs to rest up. There are lots of things to do in the next 24 hours, and I’m afraid I can’t be asleep through them.

A Jedi grabs a nap when they can

A rested Jedi is a worthy ally.


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