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My mind is filled with it. I have received the word that my Star Wars dance I choreographed in the fall is getting another shot at the big time. On a much bigger stage with a much, much, MUCH larger audience. I am so pumped you have no idea.

She's completely embodying my feelings about this last-minute project.

Like, I’m screaming inside with excitement every time I listen to the music I have to choreograph to. Basically, on top of that, I’m putting together a whole new dance since the music is different. I have 10 days to do this. OH MY GOD.

Totally possible. It’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen with a bang.

Or with a slash of a lightsaber. Whichever way you want to look at it.

Prepare for the awesome.

Either way, I’m grinning from ear to ear.

On a different note, let’s talk about the Oscars. I have barely mentioned them, and besides the US Open, the Academy Awards are my Super Bowl. I follow the predictions as soon as they start. I see all the films, and make my own judgements. I read all the comments other reviewers make, and I place my opinion against theirs. I look for the things they look noticed, and watch the Best Picture nominees multiple times, if possible.

How many details must you bore me with until you get to the point?

Of course, I have my favorites when it comes to the performance awards. In honor of Meryl Steep’s nomination for ‘Iron Lady,’ I’m watching The Devil Wears Prada. She is so freaking fantastic in this film, I can’t stand it. Seriously….two words is all it takes, and a memorable character is born. That’s a main reason I love her as an actress. Not only is she ΓΌber talented, but she can take a character that no one really thinks is that epic…and she makes it epic. She makes it a role I would KILL to inhabit.

Or it’s my inner bitch wanting to come out and play. (Omg…did I just utter the b-word on the internet? Scandalous!)

“A woman past forty should make up her mind to be young, not her face.”

These are the words of Billie Burke, the Wizard of Oz witch. Not just any old witch, but Glinda, the good witch.

Click your heels together 3 times and say, I've won an Oscar.

I like her words for several reasons. The biggest one? Four of the five nominees for Best Actress this year are all around the age, or older than, 40 and all of them are natural beauties. No plastic surgery, no Botox, no lip plumper. All natural. And it’s truly beautiful. I only hope I can age like that when I start reaching the age of 40.


Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs


Viola Davis for The Help


Rooney Mara for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady


Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn

But I have 20-ish years to go, so I’m not exactly going to worry about it. Not yet, anyways.

They say now is the time to take care of your skin. Sun screen, sun screen, and add a hat on top, just to be safe. However, I’m not exactly an advocate for sun safety when I’m still sporting a tan line where my bikini bottoms end and the skin on my thighs begin. It’s not a faint line, either. It’s still white meat versus dark meat. Yeah…I know. Damaged skin. How the hell did I do that?

One of the most pleasant feelings in the world...sunshine on bare skin

Fell asleep in the warm sun on the beach. That’s how it happened. Lesson learned? Only time will tell. I’m already dealing with precancerous cell tissues. I don’t need skin cancer on top of that.

It’s truly inspiring to see ladies on top of their game, especially on top of their game in Hollywood of all places, and see them holding true to a moral value of themselves. So many people change once they have the money to do something. It’s ridiculous.

I once dated a guy who felt like he had to show me off whenever we went out. It was nice at first. Not going to lie, it’s fun to be wined and dined. Every girl dreams of finding a guy who gives her everything she wants, even if it is the shrimp alfredo with scallops and crab meat. Always a bottle of wine with dinner. Always popcorn and candy at the movies. Always late night ice cream runs during the couple of months we were together. Even in those couple of months, it got old pretty quick. Just because he could shell out the dough at a second’s notice doesn’t mean it’s impressive. Yes, I want to be impressed, but it doesn’t have to be every waking second of time we’re together. A movie night with nothing but a chocolate bar? Perfect. Not even that. Having each others’ company and being able to cuddle on the couch makes any movie night a good one.

Wining and Dining does get old

Impress me, yes. But impress me in good ways, especially when you already know I’m in it to make something of our relationship. Usually at that point, we’re past testing the waters and diving right in.

Who knew her then-husband would turn out to be such a scum bag?

On top of that, the three oldest nominees this year? I believe they are all married, and have been for a handful of years. Happily married at that. I guess if one of them wins, we’ll see if the Best Actress curse is lifted. For the past 4 years…each Best Actress winner has split from their husband, despite weeks prior to the ceremony they proclaimed their undying happiness for each other and how much they love each other. How secure they are in their relationship.

Yeah…I can relate to that feeling.

Later, she and Mendes would split over differences. Whatever that means.

The one who tore me up the most? Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock. Bullock more so. When she won, she remarked in her acceptance speech that she never knew what it was like to have someone watch your back…until she met her husband, Jesse. Five months later, boom. Divorce because he cheated on her with multiple women.

Why Winslet’s marriage ended, I’m not entirely sure. Her last film with Sam Mendes was Revolutionary Road…where he directed his own wife and her studly best friend Leo DiCaprio in a very heated sex scene. If that wasn’t awkward…I don’t know what is. Yes, they were all professionals…but come on. It’s your wife. It’s Leo. You’re the husband.


It really is a pretty hot scene.

Whenever the Oscars roll around, I always replay the same fantasy in my head. I’m a famous actress myself, and I’m surrounded by my best Hollywood gal pals at the after parties. My best bestie? Keira Knightley, of course! She’s a tom boy like I am. She curses a lot…I don’t need to explain anything. We’d get along swimmingly.

Pals upon first meeting. Guaranteed.

I’d also get her to perfect my British dialect, so we can party in either country and get away with it.

One day I will host an Oscar party, and it’s going to be off the hook! (It just took me 5 minutes to remember that full phrase.)Everyone will be required to dress up, we’ll drink champagne, we’ll have fancy appetiziers…or maybe even a 3-course meal (that I slaved over), and there will be ballots to fill out, and the winner will receive a totally awesome prize. It’ll become a yearly thing amongst me and my friends. Wait for it.

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive an exclusive invite.

Right now, it’s Jedi’s only.

Hey, the old Jedi way may not have allowed partying in the sense we all conjure up nowadays. However, this Modern Jedi knows a thing or two about having a good time. I’ll share my secrets at some point. In a book I’m getting paid to write. Wait for it. It’ll be huge.

Alright, Force-users. I need to sign off for the night. Get out there and watch those nominations for Best Picture. Print your own ballot, and make your decisions on who should win.

Exercise your right to vote!

There are always the usual front-runners at this time in the Oscar race, but there are always upsets. Hello? How about the year “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won best original song. Yeah…random and an upset. No one saw that one coming. I love it.


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