This Wasn’t Even That An Exciting of a Day!

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Apparently, my creative juices flow at this time of the night. Can’t help it. I need to let my brain reset itself after a long day of classes and work. And a trip to Target.

Target Boutique...My newest shopping obsession

Have I ever talked about my love for Target? Ever since they have updated their style and made it more modern, more chic…I am just in love with that place. I bought three shirts from there. Three! I don’t need more shirts. I have waaaay too many clothes the way it is. It’s one of my strengths as a Jedi. If I have the ability to change my appearance and make up enough characters to be undercover…combine that with my use of the Force? I am unstoppable.

Anyways, I stumbled across thee softest, bestest T-shirts in the world. Not only are they flattering to my figure, they are the comfiest shirts in the world. I picked one up because I  love black v-neck t-shirts, and my old one is getting really thin. To the point where you can see everything through it. You can even tell when I was wearing a black bra in the attempt to conceal  my undergarments. Remember this name: Mossimo pocket tee. Honestly, the best shirts in the world. Found only at Target. Ha! I have no intention of ever using the pocket on the shirt. In fact, on most of the shirts, you don’t even know there’s a pocket.

Seriously...go to Target and get, like, five. Best decision of your life.

So. Comfy.

All in all, a pretty good day.

I’m going to be so sore tomorrow. I had 2 hours of straight physical activity today. My ass hurts…but in a good way. Building muscle. Toning up. Getting back into shape. That’s what we all need. To tone up.

I can work toward a body like that...will it happen? Probably not.

Recently started the 3rd Hunger Games book, and I’m already sucked into it. I forced myself to put it down. Classwork calls, even if it is only putting a collage together in the hopes of representing a class mate through colored paper, a glue stick, Scotch tape and a scissors. It allows me to tap into my creative side. This whole semester is going to be about tapping into my creative side…and getting my intensity back on the court. Can I tell you something? I am unstoppable at the net. Still. After 3 years off the court, it doesn’t leave you. The want to smash that ball into every opponents’ face. I felt myself light up in a way I haven’t in a while. Ugh, I miss playing tennis on a regular basis so badly!

“In high school, I could not pass a math test. I couldn’t pass a drug test. There may be a correlation.”

Those are the words of giggle girl, Lynda Montgomery.

I'm always a fan of funny women. Always.

Makes you think a little bit, doesn’t it? Don’t think too hard. You’ll start to chuckle eventually.

We did one too many shoulder rolls in Modern, and I’m pretty sure I bruised my back. Hard. I can’t even lay on the couch. Sleeping might be an issue tonight. Too bad. I bought a new pillow the other day, and it’s oh-so-comfy. Combine that pillow with these t-shirts and I’d be in heaven. As long as I have a Cosmo and the rest of the Hunger Games to finish…with a pot of coffee and a bowl of ice cream…THEN, I’d be in heaven.

Mine is calling my name right now...why am I not lying on it!!?

If anything makes me laugh really hard, it’s watching myself in the mirror while I’m dancing. I don’t know why people cast me in their dances last semester for the dance show. I cannot move in a beautiful manner to save my life. I’m a flailing, awkward ostrich in that dance studio three times a week. I haven’t killed anybody yet, so maybe I’m not as bad as I think.

Watching more of The Office, I’m convinced that John Krasinksi (the guy who plays Jim, in case you didn’t know) is incredibly funny, talented, CUTE, and just plain makes my heart melt. Hello, dream guy, whoever you are out there in the grand, wide universe? Please be like Jim Halpert. He makes my heart go pitter-patter. How many times as he made me smile? Along with the smile, I think to myself  “one day…one day I’ll have a guy who says that about me, or does that for me.” Ugh, I’m so desperate for love.

Seriously...I'm swooning.

Seriously, my back just cracked in three different places just now, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. It’s terrible how out of shape I’ve gotten. We did two laps on a half-track and I was out of breath. Tennis is only making me realize how slow I’ve gotten in the last few years, and it’s really sad. I’m in my twenties and running 100 meters makes me breath hard. Oh god, I need to work out. A Jedi cannot defend those in need if she’s getting breathless running around the block. Seriously…an embarassment.

My dance moves are what caught New Guy's attention. HA! I wish.

New Guy surprised me this evening. In the attempt to be funny, I texted him to say I didn’t get to talk to him much and it made me sad. I miss the early weeks when we texted each other all day long. It was like he was with me throughout the whole day. I thought it was really, really nice. Somewhere along the way, that changed. I don’t like it, but the more I talk about it, the less he seems to want to text me. Not going to lie, some days I feel like I’m chasing him…not like a puppy dog, but pursuing more than any girl should have to pursue a guy. Cosmo mentioned the Rubber Band effect….I’ve tried it. At first, it seemed to work. But now, I feel like a blip on his radar most days.

Ugh, whatever. I’ll get over it. I’m not going to lose my shit over a guy. Even if I really, really do like him.

I’m rambling here. I know I’m not following any coherent flow of events here. I’m just letting it spill out.

I don't think I could eat this pizza...too much awesome!

Want to hear something ridiculous? I ate an entire pizza by myself. You heard it here first.I ate an entire pizza. By Myself. I really felt like a Teenage Ninja Turtle.

I haven’t eaten anything real for the last couple of days. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I honestly only ate a yogurt with Oreo crumbs in it the other day, and I somehow made it through the entire day. Also, a note to myself…I need to eat something before working out for 2 hours straight. Or drink flavored water. Something with electrolytes.

Other than filling you in on my day, I don’t have much else to say. To end, I’ll include five more things to know about this Jedi. I really do need to take my contacts out. My eyes are feeling like mini deserts. Until next time!


I'm a farm girl. Laying in the back of a truck, this cozy, looking at the stars? Sounds like romance to me.


Not only do I want Kate Winslet's dress in this photo, but it's been on my bucket list to Irish Dance with Leo for years...since Titanic came out, actually.


I still cry at the Lion King.


The nearest and dearest people to my life. My family = most important thing to me.


Seriously. Ladies...leggings DO NOT replace pants by any means. I do not want to see your ass that defined unless I'm a doctor. Which, I am not. So keep those cheeks covered!

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