It’s Not A Hokey Religion

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It’s 10:43 pm and I start classes at the Academy again tomorrow.

Best midnight snack ever

So, of course I pop in my newest episode of The Office, make myself a new bowl of ice cream, start my daily blog post, leave my bed covered in shopping bags and laundry, and will read a few more chapters of the 2nd Hunger Games book.

No, I am not bothering to gather my books together. No, I am not packing my bag with my pair of work clothes for my job right after I’m out of class. Nope. I’m not doing any of that. Guess what? This is going to be my routine once classes start. Why break tradition now?

This isn't even close to the actual dress, but I wanted to let you look at a purple dress.

I have since semi recovered from trying on 1,001 dresses yesterday. This contniued this morning, and I’m pretty sure I found my future Oscar gown. Deep royal purple. Just the right amount of dazzle. One-shouldered. Very simple in taste. Downright gorgeous. Putting dresses on today wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday. Probably because I ate something substantial before I went into the lion’s den. Frosted Flakes works wonders.

“When I write, I don’t translate for white readers. Dostoevsky wrote for a Russian audience, but we’re able to read him. If I’m specific, and I don’t overexplain, then anyone can overhear me.” – Toni Morrison, a Nobel Peace winner.

Nobel Peace winner --- she's got more than good looks.

That’s how I feel about this blog. I am a Jedi in a modern world. It’s not the way of the Republic when the Jedi were a prominent fixture in the universe. Now, we’re a rare form of justice. Far and few inbewteen. This is why I’ve put this blog together, why I’m putting my thoughts to the web page.

Not only is it hard to be a Jedi in these present times, but it’s also difficult to be a woman Jedi in this world we call home. Hate to bring it up, but it’s still hard for a woman in every respect of this life. Professionally, we’re still making less per dollar compared to a man. Guys still treat us like we’re maids and personal servants in certain work environments. Men my age still think I’m inferior to them merely because I have breasts. Guys younger than me think it’s okay to call me ‘bitch’, ‘slut’, and ‘whore”, especially when they believe they are successfully flirting with me.

You will not get my real digits if you're a jerk.

Seriously? I’m supposed to be impressed with you calling me a ‘bitch’? Ha, right. If anything, you have just labeled yourself an asshole for the rest of our lives. I will never see you as anything else. First impressions, pal. Very important.

I am not writing this blog for attention or glory or any of those things. I’m a girl trying to make her way in the universe. On top of that, I happen to follow the path of the Jedi. It’s not an easy path to take. I didn’t need to say that, but sometimes, the obvious needs to be stated.

There is something for everyone in the teachings of the Jedi. It’s not just some hokey religion. It has some really pillar stuff. One of my favorite teachings?

“When there is food, eat.”

There is more than one meaning behind this simple phrase. It can be taken literally. When someone offers you food, you take it. You never know where your next meal could be. Plus, it’s rude to turn down someone’s hospitality. This phrase can also be take metaphorically. Say you’re out among the people, searching for some bit of vital information. Suddenly, because you helped up a random person who was knocked over at your feet, they are talking about the very person you happen to be searching for (for example). Take the opportunity to talk to them, and let their information sink in and get all that you can. Eat while the going is plentiful.

Yeah, this is the state I'm in.

I really should remember this tomorrow when I start dozing off in class. I know it’s only Day 1, but still. It’s going to happen. The first week is always so long and drawn out. But it’s my last first day. Oh, my god. Reality is setting in. I have 3 months to be an incompetent adult. Actually, I’m not worried. I like my life.I’m happy the way I am right now.

A smart Jedi would make this short tonight, and make their way to their bed. It’s calling my name. But, first, I need to clean it off. Due to my stint in the retail world, I had an amazing discount, and I took advantage of it. My bank account will hate me in the morning, but I’m not going to think about it right now. But, I do have a new pair of boots to walk around in. And a new sweatshirt, and dress, and head scarf, and a new track jacket.

Somewhere out there, I have a Master waiting to teach me.

With this wedding looming a mere 10 months away, I’m going to start working out very shortly here. I have the music researched, I have bought the new workout clothes, I have scouted the locations. I am ready to being my training, Master.

Seriously, I’m going to need someone to push me. The thought of my legs in all those short dresses isn’t going to be enough of a push. You know, the trick about cutting out pictures of celebrities you admire and making yourself see them every day as inspiration? I may have to do that…except with warrior princesses I admire. Like, Guenivere, Katniss, Pocahontas, Eowyn, Princess Leia…you know, real inspirational ladies of the galaxy.

This girl is fierce in all the right ways.

Good dreams, fellow Jedi followers.

Total a matter of minutes...

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