Shop Wise, You Will.

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Fully loaded!

Like many women, Jedi and non-Force users alike, we all share something in common: we love shopping. I may even be stretching it enough to say sometimes we just *need* to go shopping or we’ll go bonkers (but this might just be me!) I can’t resist a good deal. I have my string of favorite stores…working retail and having that additional discount does not help matters very often. I’m pretty sure my bank account cries more often than not…especially when it registers the fact I was in Barnes and Noble. Or shopping online.

I’ve resolved to be better about my shopping in 2012. I’ll be spreading my wings into the adult world more and more this year, so smart thinking will be needed, especially as unexpected expenses pop up more and more as I emerge into the world.

We’ve entered the bitter cold of January. This month is detestably cold for a variety of reasons:

Shiver me timber!

– For some reason, there is no snow covering the ground. When the winds pick up, its freaking COLD.

–  The excitement of Christmas and New Year’s comes to a halt. Only another 11 months until the magic returns. Guess what?

My holiday spirit is shattered this time of year.

There’s nothing to look forward to in January. No holidays. Nothing.

– I now officially have 5 months left at the Academy. I’m losing my mind. It’s rather frightening (and a little exciting) that come June, I will not have a set plan for my days ahead of me. Freaky….

There are certain highlights to January, and one of them is GREAT after- the – holidays sales. Certain items will be a greater deal simply because of the time of year, and stores want the merchandise to turn over as quickly as it can. Believe it or not, spring apparel and themed merchandise will be appearing on shelves near you by mid-February (as soon as V-Day is over with!)


What items should you be shopping for this January when you have the rare day off from protecting the Republic and the rest of the galaxy?

1.) Bath and bed linens. Everything out right now is all themed for winter. Soon, spring and summer colors will be featured. Decorating your bathroom has never been so fun…or so cheap!

Some day soon?

2.) Carpet and flooring. Whatever didn’t sell in 2011, the store’s are wanting to get it out of their inventory. New styles will become popular in 2012 and they want to showcase it. Out with the old, in with the new. Except when dealing with the Empire…

Just so classy looking

3.) Televisions and home theater. Stores are overstocked from Christmas deals. Plus new models will be coming out very soon. Or you received a lot of movies from Santa in your stocking and now need something big and flat to watch them on. Sales strategists aren’t dumb….most of the time.

What else would I be watching?

4.) Furniture. See reasoning behind Item #2.

Come into my office.

5.) Holiday items. This one seems pretty basic to me. Stores need to get rid of everything related to Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you celebrate because they want to start promoting the next one, which happens to be Valentine’s Day. Stock up on wrapping paper now! You won’t find it cheaper until next January.

I might wrap myself in this.

6.) Home appliances. Again, see Item #2.

Taste the Dark Side

7.) Rugs. Does anyone even use rugs anymore? I mean, since shag carpets were cool?

The only rug I will ever own.

8.) Sweaters. Even if you don’t want to wear them now because we’re suddenly in a global warming heat wave, you can put them away until next winter. You never know. The holes in the ozone layer might close up miraculously by then.

Go Adidas!

There are guys out there who like shopping. When I have an agenda, it’s therapeutic. I’m not talking post-break-up shopping, either. When I have a set goal and I know what I’m looking for, I am the best shopper around. It’s when I’m running around aimlessly…”browsing” or “just looking” as some say…I lose my mind. I’m surrounded by merchandise just calling to me, and I often go home with it,  having no recollection of how it ended up in my shopping bag, let alone in my hand for me to purchase.

Future commitment rings?

Along with a love of shopping, women also have an uncanny love for decorating. At least, I do. Jedi have an advantage when it comes to decorating. They can “see” it before the remodeling happens. I have tons of plans for my future living space. It would be stupid for me to say a Star Wars themed room isn’t in the picture. It very much is. The things I have stated above? All going to be a apart of this said room. Including the wampa rug.

Whichever lucky man in this wide universe ends up hitching his wagon to mine is going to have to realize something. My Star Wars room is happening before his man cave in the basement. Star Wars and my Jedi way of life will always take precedence over a man. No matter how much he loves me. I might even let him step foot inside my Star Wars room when he’s demonstrated good behavior. Touching my lightsaber, however?  Never going to happen in his lifetime.

Women have never looked so badass.

I cannot wait!


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