Bad is Good Again

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“To be good is to be forgotten. I’m going to be so bad I’ll always be remembered.”

These are the infamous words of Theda Bara, a silent film vixen.

I’m not sure about you, but when I take the time to put effort into something. I’m going to be good at it. I’m not half-assing it because I want to waste my time. It’s probably a consequence of today’s day and age…we need everything now now NOW! But it’s also smart. Why waste my time doing something if there isn’t going to be some sort of benefit or reward?

A Modern Day Bad Girl

Take this relationship I’m currently treading water in. We have gone on less than 10,but more than 3, dates. We’ve always have a good time. I’ll be the first to admit in hindsight that maybe we had the ‘where are we’ conversation too soon.  Regardless, I want this thing to move forward. I don’t want to take my time testing the waters. I know I like the guy, I know we have good chemistry, I know we make each other laugh. But in his words…we don’t need to label what we are just yet.

Parts of me agree. Not too long ago, I got out of a pretty serious relationship. Serious in the sense we were starting to talk comfortably about marriage. Then, on the flip of a dime, he decided he was done with me. In a matter of 2 days. Guys are weird. Whatever. I’m over it.

Other parts of me are screaming at New Guy. Why do we need to do it this way? I even venture the questions…Am I wasting my time? I want results now, or I’m probably going to lose interest. It’s terrible, really. He’s a great guy. I’d hate to lose him over my fast-paced, move-along, antsy attitude. My New Year’s resolution should have been ‘to relax in every area of life.’ Jedi meditation should come in handy in that respect.

Calm the mind...Calm the body

Regardless this relationship moves forward into something more serious, or if we simply happen to be fooling around and eventually move on to greener pastures, I’m not going to be bad at whatever it is we’re doing. I’m typing this to you from his apartment right now. He’s gone off to work, and I’m lounging on his bed, finishing up this entry that should have been posted yesterday, and thinking about jumping in the shower. I’m completely energized from our morning romp in the sheets, followed by some cuddling. (Sorry, I’m a cuddler!)

Wherever life takes us in the upcoming months, I’m not going to ‘some girl’ he once dated. I’m going to be remembered. Believe me, waiting for him to get home in nothing but a silk robe definitely leaves an impression 🙂

On top of this budding new relationship, I have the excitement of being named my sister’s Maid of Honor for her wedding this upcoming November! AHHHHHH! So pumped. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I have no doubt I will rise to the occassion and leave my mark as well. I don’t care if I’m standing for hours giving my opinion on hundreds of white gowns. I’m enjoying this position of wedding power. It might be my only chance to hold it.

Who wouldn't want this title?

Is it a bad idea to leave a dash of my perfume on New Guy’s pillow when I leave today? We leave 2 hours apart…it might be a nice reminder to him when he gets home from a long day’s work. It’s worth a shot.

Lure Him In

Don’t be afraid to be bad…as long as your intentions are completely honorable. Prime example? Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Pure bad ass. Take notes off her…I wouldn’t follow the character’s moral code exactly, but the main points are there.

Bad is Good Again

Ha. That’s all.


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