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Movies. Music. Movie Scores/Soundtracks. Hilarious TV Shows. Witty Writing. Photography. Weddings.

All topics that will be breached here, along with the list given in previous posts. This is a place where I can talk about anything. And I mean *anything*.

Today’s wild lady: Academy Award winner Marie Dressier

Know just how good you are.

“It must have been great fun to make love to me.”

Not sure what she did in the movie that won her the highest of acting awards on this side of the moon, but a part of me wants to say this to past lovers of my own. I know what I bring to the table. I know the enthusiasm I have, and 98% of the time, I’ll agree that it’s paid back in full. What I don’t have in technique, I make up for it with my try-anything-once attitude.

Trust me. It comes in handy.

Sex is pretty basic. It is fair to say that partners will have different experiences, therefore is could be deemed that they have more “experience” than you. (I’m not even sure I believe that.) It’s all about comfort zone. What I do know is, what I do…I do it well.

Back in 1930, I’m sure this dame was a bombshell. Not a bombshell in the sense of Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe, but a bombshell nonetheless. She had to be good to win an Academy Award.

Now, when I say this, I’m not meaning it in the sense that I believe there isn’t true talent today. Yes…yes there is.


Meryl Streep is hands-down one of the best actresses of our times. Kate Winslet, a bombshell AND capable of knocking me out of the park each and every time she takes on a role.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not a seasoned actor…but he has the chops to be a serious actor and keeps proving it with each new film. Johnny Depp is the definition of a chameleon actor. I could go on and on….film is something I live for.

I have lots of favorite performers, but these guys are definetely in my Top 10.

Growing Up

Regardless of talent, there are schmuks everywhere. I’ve slept with a few of them. I don’t regret any of them. I had my reasons for why they happened and when they happened.


I’m a firm believer in looking forward and not regretting anything. Though the Jedi frown upon having romantic relationships of any kind, they do believe in letting go of the past. Including past happenings you may shake your head at 3 years later.

Ladies, we’re worth it. It’s his stupid fault for letting us go. Bring it to the table each and every time. There’s no doubt in my mind my past gentlemen callers see me now, and remember the times we had.

Cue the lust stare for the next 5 minutes upon seeing me.

I remember those times, too.

I just don’t let them know it.


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