Jedi are Women, too.

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Along with taking on the responsibilities of a Jedi (and yes, I know many of you are reading this and snickering already), I can’t deny what has been bestowed upon me since the day I was born. I am a woman. I’m going to experience the things every woman does in this time and age…except a little differently since I’ve chosen to follow a slightly different path…aka the Jedi way.

Offers guidance for the Jedi

One point or another, I will be dissecting the Jedi Code for all its worth and applying it to the way I currently live my life in this place we call home. The United States, the good ol’ US of A. Let me tell you…read any Star Wars material and our world is so completely different. Granted, one is real, the other fictional. Doesn’t mean nothing of use can’t be pulled from it.

And here I go….trying to mesh the two worlds. Sometimes I think I really succeed. Others? Just wait and see. They’ll crash and burn.

But I can’t deny that in order to openly be calling myself a Jedi right now…I have to be a bit off my rocker. A little crazy, a bit wild, a touch unique, and most definetly, my own individual person. Guys sometimes find it endearing. I’m not in it for the men, however.

For the next 365 days, I’m going to quote crazy and wild women who paved their own ways and damned everyone else for trying to change them. This is my revolution, calling myself a Jedi. I could burn my bra, but come on. Victoria’s Secret isn’t cheap.

Anyways, today’s lucky lady? Margerat Cho, the empress of edginess: “I’m very inappropriate, which makes me a problem dinner guest, because at some point during the evening someone inevitably says, ‘Okay, heh heh heh, okay, too much information! Heh heh heh. Don’t go there!’ I live there. I bought a house there.”

Chatting over anything and everything…with a glass of wine, hopefully.

Honestly? Very few people want to sit down with me at dinner and talk about the pathway of the Jedi. Very few people want to hold an in-depth conversation with me about Star Wars, let alone the article I read in Cosmopolitan about how high heels are being used as weapons for self-defense more and more. In fact, there are even classes where you can learn how to defend yourself with your high heels. Crazy.

But, with the quote above in mind, this is what you can expect from this blog. Not only to discuss how I’m following the Jedi path (wonderfully well or poorly, depending on the day), but regular things in a woman’s life. Career bumps, relationships (currently single, but hoping that will change), beauty and fashion, random crazy idea I find brilliant, Sex and Love, family, friends, going out for drinks and getting plastered, what to wear to work, how to flirt again after breaking up with someone, FOOD, beauty regimens, wedding bliss (when I get that far), what it will be like to be a Hot Pregnant Mama (again, when the day comes…if it ever comes), ….I could go on and on.

Whatever else, expect it sometimes to go too much in detail. TOO MUCH INFORMATION. But hey, this is the age of technology.

Get used to it.

Welcome to the age of technology

One thought on “Jedi are Women, too.

    Dex (@Dex1138) said:
    January 5, 2012 at 7:00 am

    People have been living their lives based ideals set forth in books for centuries, you’ll be fine πŸ˜‰

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